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2010 - The Winners

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(Ischia, July 11, 2010) The best documentary of the eighth edition of Ischia Film Festival is "Mi vida con Carlos” (“My life with Carlos”) by the director Germàn Berger Hertz. It is about the autobiographical journey of a child in search of his father’s memory and who was murdered during the Chilean dictatorship. But it is also the story of a country that refuses to remember its darkest years.


The reason of the Jury, composed of the film director and scriptwriter Maurizio Sciarra, the documentary film-maker Leonardo Di Costanzo, the director Costanza Quatriglio and Andrè Ceuterick, the artistic director of the International Love Movies Festival of Mons, is the following: “For the good, sensitive and very intelligent job done on the memory of a man in search of his father, through his family, and that of a population forced to silence and deprived of liberty by the fascist dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile during the 70s. The will of not forgetting is due to strong memories, images arising from the past and testimonies full of sincerity and human truth.” The jury positively mentioned “La bocca del lupo” (“The wolf’s mouth”), a documentary by Pietro Marcello. The best short film is the Italian Lebanese “Habibi” by Davide Del Degan. “Two kids want to cross a border which is not only between two states, but between two conditions of their own existence. Death becomes an opportunity for living, through a route made of strong and universal images and feelings.” “Habibi” was filmed with a very low budget and a crew of only 10 persons ready to invest in the project without remuneration. Special mention is given to “La Balancoire” (“The Swing”), by the Belgian Christophe Hermans. In the section “Location Negata” (denied location) the jury awarded the documentary “Rouge Nowa Huta”, by Blandine Huk and Frederic Cousseau, a film on the Polish industrial town of Nowa Huta, a former utopian promise of communism. Other awards went to Giorgio Diritti (best director in “L’uomo che verrà” - “The man who will come”), Giancarlo Basili (best scenography in “L’uomo che verrà”) and Pierluigi Piredda (best photograhy in “L’uomo fiammifero” - “the match man”, by Marco Chiarini).

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