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Location and Cine-tourism international exchange

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Can cinema be a vehicle of tourist promotion and valorization of cultural identity of our lands? Yes, it can be. If locations that hosted movies such as ‘Eat, pray, love’, o “Letters to Juliet” o “New moon” could talk would answer the question if those International production show to the world the image and beauty of “Made in Italy”.

This is the topic of the National Convention of Cine-tourism that will be hosted between the 5th–7th of July contemporaneously to the International Location and Cinetourims Exchange, our peculiar ‘location’s market’.

We have been analyzing this phenomenon for years. 2006 was the year when we first presented in Italy then result of an important research that was conducted by APE (Executive Producers Association) in which was explained that cinema industry investments generate a return on the whole territory thank to a multiplier effect that say that the return of one euro spent can be up to 4 €.

Today we are very proud, as forerunners usually are, to say that these data are the base for national and mostly international.

Information on the market, registration and participation rules, and frees paces are available on the website


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