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Welcome to Angkar

Angkar va vous recevoir, France, 2015


" Welcome to Angkar " a movie-documentary is which redraws the epic of Thell, Cambodian of 28 years, torn away(extracted) from its home by the Khmer Rouges, and the survivor of the Cambodian genocide ( 1975-1979 ).            Armed with their tools of massive reflection, a camera and a pencil, the artists choose to carry the testimony of the real-life horrors so that never they do not reproduce. On current images and the testimony living on Thell, they redraw these fractions of history disappeared from the collective memory in order to resuscitate them, to carry top the colors of the Freedom. How can we survive a genocide which will remove the life about 1,7 million people, women and children ? What are the reasons which urge to speak about it today ? Thell almost lost everything, but her memory remains intact. Fourty years later, she saw again her story in order to achieve her duty of remembrance.

Movie card

Direction Christophe Hamon

Screenplay Christophe Hamon

Cinematography Christophe Hamon

Editing Christophe Hamon

Music Jeff K-Ray

Production La boîte à prod

Info e contacts

Christian Hanquet - OVNI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Projection date: Saturday 27 June at 11.15 pm in San Pietro a Pantaniello


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