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WANGKI - Il Silenzio delle Sirene

WANGKI - Mermaid's Silence, Italy, 2014


Wangki is the river that runs between Honduras and Nicaragua, a border region in Central America inhabited by the people of “Miskito”. The protagonists tell their lives though pictures of everyday life, environmental scourges, memories from the guerrilla, fights for human rights and the preservation of traditions. The film is the evidence of the everyday fight of those who believe that the only way to build up our future is to keep a balance between man and nature. But what happens if the Wangki’s sirens stop singing?

Movie card

Direction Joana de Freitas Ginori & Matteo Vieille Rivara

Cinematography Stefano Usberghi

Editing Matteo Vieille Rivara

Music Attilio Foresta Martin

Production Maiora Film

Location R.A.A.N.Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte, Nicaragua

Language spagnolo

Subtitle italiano, inglese

Info e contacts

Joana De Freitas Ginori - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WANGKI - Official Trailer from MAIORAFILM on Vimeo.


Scheduled: Monday 30 June at 21:30 at the Terrazza Convento (Castello Aragonese)


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