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Tony Windberg. A Painter in the Woods

Germany, 2014


Multi award winning artist Tony Windberg lives and works in Nortcliffe, in the midst of vast eucalyptus forests in the South West region of Western Australia. What at first glance appeared to be a giant wall of trees when the Melbourne born painter first travelled the Southern forrests, is now a changed landscape impacted by the timber industry and a general sense of reduced natural reforestation. "A Painter In The Woods" is a portrait of a man and his art. Windberg's wide stylistic spectrum of artworks is represented widely in numerous corporate, public, and private collections in Australia.

Movie card

Direction Thomas Schumacher

Screenplay Thomas Schumacher

Cinematography Thomas Schumacher

Editing Thomas Schumacher

Music Kevin MacLeod

Cast Tony Windberg

Production Thomas Schumacher

Location Australia

Language Inglese

Subtitle Tedesco


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