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Nomi e Cognomi

Italy, 2015


Domenici Riva is an esteemed journalist that leaves Milan to reach his homeland: a small town in South Italy. He is the editor of the most important newspaper in town and he decides to reawaken the civil conscience of the people that for years have silently accepted a dangerous status quo: shady trades disguised as legal.
At the center of the film there is an illicit dumping ground, focus of illegitimate intentions. Riva and his employers will do their job: narrate the facts. Between successes and failures, victories and defeats, Riva will carry on his task without hesitations, even if that means making heavy sacrifices.

Movie card

Direction Sebastiano Rizzo

Screenplay Camilla Cuparo

Cinematography Simone Zampagni

Editing Annalisa Forgione

Art Direction Alfonso Rastelli

Music Valentino Corvino

Cast Enrico Lo Verso, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Rossetti, Antonio Stornaiolo, Totò Onnis, Mingo De Pasquale, Ninni Bruschetta, Dino Abbrescia

Production Draka

Distribution Draka

Location Giovinazzo, Molfetta, Modugno, Corato e Terlizzi

Language Italiano

Subtitles No subtitles

Info e contacts

Draka Production Srl Draka Production Srl - Draka Production Srl

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Date of screening: Sunday, June 28th at 10.20pm at the Terrazza degli Ulivi


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