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Noi e la Giulia

Italy, 2015


Diego, Fausto and Claudio are three forty-year-old frustrated men escaping their town and their own life who meet each other and decide to open a farmhouse together. Later on Sergio, an obsessed and “out-of-time” man in his fifties and Elisa, a crazy young pregnant lady, join the group. But Vito, a curious camorra member, will hinder their dream and ask for protection money aboard his old Giulia 1300. This threat will force the group to rebel daringly, starting an unexpected, rambling and tragicomic adventure and a desperate resistance…which all of us dream of if we only had the courage.

Movie card

Direction Edoardo Leo

Screenplay Marco Bonini, Edoardo Leo

Cinematography Alessandro Pesci

Editing Patrizio Marone

Cast Luca Argentero, Edoardo Leo, Claudio Amendola, Anna Foglietta, Stefano Fresi, Carlo Buccirosso

Production Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia e Italian International Film

Distribution Warner Bros. Italia

Location Basilicata

Language Italiano

Subtitle No subtitle

Info e contacts

Egle Mugno - Warner Bross

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Projection date: Monday 29 June at 21:30 in Piazzale delle Armi


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