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Lucciole per lanterne

Like Fireflies, Spain, 2013


In 1981, Pinochet privatized almost all of Chile’s water resources and in the following thirty years the rights to their water were sold to large companies and corporations for producing hydroelectric power. Now the construction of five large dams is threatening Chilean Patagonia. Like Fireflies tells the stories of three Chilean women whose lives either have been devastated or will be badly affected by the construction of the dams and who try to face the corporate giant that is about to crush them and destroy their land by brutally imposing a conception of progress that they do not share.

Movie card

Direction Stefano Martone e Mario Martone

Screenplay Stefano Martone

Cinematography Stefano Martone

Editing Mario Martone

Music Orchestra Joubès

Cast Berta Quintremann, Marisol Pizarro, Claudia Torres

Production Vitaliana Curigliano per Audioimage

Distribution Berta Film

Location Cile

Language: Spagnolo/Italiano

Subtitle: Italiano

Info e contacts

Stefano Martone - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Scheduled: Friday 4 July at 22:45 at "Casa del Sole" (Aragonese Castle)


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