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La Foresta di Ghiaccio



The film tells an incredible mystery which develops in the ostensible tranquillity of a tiny alpine village.
A storm is approaching and Pietro, a young expert technician, gets to the valley to repair a fault in the high-altitude power plant, when he suddenly runs into a weird disappearance. A conflict arises between Pietro and two brothers, Lorenzo and Secondo, who live and work in that area. When the guy understands the origin of the valley secrets, a state of tension bursts out in a game of distorting mirrors in which nobody is immune from suspicion. Not even Lana, bear-expert zoologist.

Movie card

Direction Claudio Noce

Screenplay Francesca Manieri, Elisa Amoruso, Diego Ribon e Claudio Noce

Cinematography Michele D'Attanasio

Editing Paola Freddi, Andrea Maguolo, Federico Conforti

Art Direction Daniele Frabetti

Cast Emir Kusturica, Kseniya Rappoport, Adriano Giannini, Domenico Diele, Giovanni Vettorazzo, Maria Roveran

Production Ascent Film, Rai Cinema

Distribution Fandango Distribuzione

Location Dolomiti Trentine e Valle del Chiese (Trento)

Language Italiano

The film was shot in Trentino, in Valli del Chiese with the support of the Trentino Film Commission


The Ice Forest is filmed in Trentino, in the Valle del Chiese, which stretches between 200 and over 3,400 meters of altitude. The shooting took place between Daone, a town characterized by many Alpine huts and large water basins - where the film's inn was rebuilt and where the life of the small inhabited center takes place: the Malga Boazzo dam and the Cimego power plant. .

Info e contacts

Gabriele Lilli - Ascent Film srl

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Projection date: Friday 3rd July at 9.00pm in Piazzale delle Armi


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