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Il regno

Il regno, Italy, 2020


Giacomo receives his father’s lawyer invitation for the hated parent’s funeral after a long time being far away: denied by him and kicked out of the farmhouse where he was born. The man goes to his old residence and finds out that he has inherited his father’s Kingdom! A community who chose to live a humble, modest life far from technology lives in properties. It is not every day you get to inherit subjects ready to blindly follow you and, especially, to rule according to your own will. But Giacomo does not behave at all the way his father did, who was an authoritative straight-up autocrat. He wants to talk to his subjects, to be their friend but nobody would like a monarch as a friend. Will the weirdest king in history manage to be respected and to become the man he never succeeded to be?

Movie card


DIRECTION: Francesco Fanuele

SCREENPLAY: Francesco Fanuele, Stefano Di Santi

PHOTOGRAPHY: Gherardo Rossi 

EDITING: Julien Panzarasa

SCENOGRAPHY: Marcello Di Carlo

CAST: Stefano Fresi, Max Tortora, Silvia D'Amico, Fotini Peluso, Liliana Fiorelli, Valeria Belardelli, Francesca Nunzi
Enzo Casertano

PRODUCTION: Domenico Procacci, Laura Paolucci

DISTRIBUTION: Fandango in collaborazione con Rai 


LANGUAGE: Italiano

SUBTITLE: no subtitles

IN PROJECTION: on July 3rd on www.ischiafilmfestivalonline.it

GUESTS PRESENT:Francesco Fanuele e Silvia D'amico

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