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La concha de la vieira

Italy, 2013


We are on the edge of Finisterrae, regarded in ancient times as the "Last Stop", beyond it there was nothing but the big expanse of the ocean. From this place the ancient pilgrims threw their dirty clothes down into the oceanso they could leave everything before turning back.Amin Lazar, a polish pilgrim, is trying to understand where the way ends and what he has to do: stop and go back home or keep walking, maybe forever..

Movie card

Direction Paolo Santagostino

Screenplay Paolo Santagostino

Cinematography Paolo Santagostino

Editing Paolo Santagostino

Art Direction Paolo Santagostino

Music Giovanni Calella

Cast Amin Lazar

Production Paolo Santagostino

Distribution Paolo Santagostino

Info e contacts

Paolo Santagostino: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scheduled: Sunday 30 June at 21.30 at the Terrace of the Convent


Italian language

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