Latvia, 2011


350 years ago, the reformation of the Russian Orthodox Church turned those who did not want to follow the new religious currents into outlaws. Many were killed, their villages burned, and those who managed, escaped to other countries. Some of them settled at the shore of Lake Peipus, the border of today’s Estonia and Russia. Their descendants have kept the traditions and lived a peaceful life close to nature ever since. Today they are free to practice their faith, yet they are threatened by extinction

Movie card

Direction Marc Brummund

Screenplay Bettina Herzner, Marc Brummund, Rene Fischer

Cinematography Bettina Herzner

Music Edgars Makens

Production Bettina Herzner, Marc Brummund

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Scheduled: Sunday, June 30th at 9:10 pm at the Casa del Sole


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