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En plein soleil - Delitto in pieno sole

France, 1960'


Tom Ripley will be invited in Europe by Mr. Greenleaf in search of his son Philippe, to bring him back home: in contrast Tom will receive five thousand dollars. Philippe tricks Tom, into believing that he will return in the United States with him to please his father, but in reality he has no intention and intends to stay where he is, alongside his girlfriend Marge, who is getting married Mr. Greenleaf, not seeing any result, he dismissed Tom who, in desperation, kills Philippe and assume his identity, living his life as wealth playboy. But Philippe’s friends begin to miss him …

Movie card

Direction René Clément

Screenplay Paul Gégauff e René Clément

Cinematography Henri Decaë

Editing Françoise Javet

Art Direction Paul Bertrand

Music Nino Rota 

Cast Tom Ripley, Philippe Greenleaf, Philippe Greenleaf, Marge Duval, O'Brien

Production Raymond Hakim e Robert Hakim


Info e contacts

Scheduled: Monday, July 3 at 21.00 at the Tower of Guevara

Italian language


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