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A travel through the sea and through generations, following an ancient and daily labor, made of simple gestures repeated over and over in the dark, until the dawn comes. In “Cigno” the camera becomes the discrete observer of a common workday of common people, not to report or denounce, but to observe with curiosity a hidden routine, far from the modern society speed of life. And in the rusted deck, in the beat of the hammer, in the surfacing net we glimpse the dignity and the beauty of the Swan.

Movie card

Direction Giovanni Rossi

Screenplay Lucia Amidani e Giovanni Rossi

Cinematography Giovanni Rossi

Editing Giovanni Rossi

Production Giovanni Rossi (Indipendente)

Location Italia - Pesaro e dintorni

Language Italiano

Subtitle Inglese

CIGNO - Italian Teaser from Giovanni Rossi on Vimeo.

In projection:

Tuesday, June 28th at 21:00 in San Pietro a Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)


Info e contacts

Giovanni Rossi - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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