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United States, 2014


“Adelante” shows the heart of Mexico beating strongly, just outside of Philadelphia, where Mexican newcomers are revitalizing a dying Irish-Catholic parish in Norristown, PA. Now, the sounds of children giggling have returned to the church, and mariachis join bagpipers in celebrating community events. Focused on an American priest and a young Mexican couple, we learn how this shift has brought new challenges and energy to this old parish located outside of Philadelphia.

Movie card

Direction Noam Osband

Screenplay Noam Osband

Production Noam Osband

Location Stati Uniti

Language Inglese

Subtitle Inglese e Spagnolo

Info e contacts

Noam Osband - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Trailer for Adelante/ Tráiler para Adelante. More info at www.adelantethefilm.com from Noam Osband on Vimeo.


Projection date: Friday 3rd July at 9.00 pm in San Pietro a Pantaniello


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