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A Ballad for Tex

United States, 2013


"A Ballad for Tex” analyzes the relationship between cinema and theatre. The film tells the story of Elizabeth, a housewife trapped in an unhappy marriage. Thanks to her ability to dream, she finds shelter in the colours of a painting that livens up to the notes of a sad ballad. Through an experimental approach, the film revolves around an open analysis of the theatrical and cinematographic code.

Movie card

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Direction Alberto Massarese

Screenplay Alberto Massarese

Cinematography Nathaniel Elegino

Editing Sharon Rutter, Massimiliano Pacifico

Art Direction Ryan Grossheim

Choreography and movement  Bianca Falco

Music Alberto Falco, Raffaele Natale, Giacomo Puccini

Photos Dominik Huber

Cast  Billie Anne Norris, Seth Cash, Michael Italiano, Daniel 'Rover' Singer, Cal Smith, Nathan Bell, Thomas Jarrett, Jim Kinney, Rohads Osbourne

Production San Diego State University

Location San Diego Heritage County Park, Old town San Diego, San Diego County

Language Inglese

Subtitle Italiano

Info e contacts

lberto Massarese - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A Ballad for Tex - Trailer from Alberto Massarese on Vimeo.



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