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The Urban Suite

Korea, Republic of, 2014


A historic residential district within the ancient Seoul city walls, Gyonam-dong embodies South Korea's transformation from the pre-Japanese Occupation era to the modern democratization. The Urban Suite's four distinct narratives serve as a meditation on the passage of time and its effects on people and places as experienced by two foreign directors who frequent this district, which is currently under demolition as part of a redevelopment project.


Movie card

Direction Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler

Screenplay Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler

Cast Forest Ian Etsler, Moon Kyoung-Lim, Lee Hyae-Kyoung

Production Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler

Location Gyonam-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Info e contacts

Sébastien Simon - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.**********

Date of screening: Thursday 2 July at 21:00 at Terrazza degli Ulivi


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