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Regreso a casa

Italy, Mexico, 2012


After many years of absence, Alex returns back home to reconcile with his sick father. But for the boy it won’t be easy to ask forgiveness because his father, due of his illness, does not recognize him and seems not to preserve any memory of what happened one night nine years earlier.

Movie card

Direction Simone Siragusano, Riccardo Cendamo

Screenplay Simone Siragusano, Riccardo Cendamo

Cinematography Heriberto Acosta

Editing Simone Siragusano, Riccardo Cendamo

Art Direction Alejandro Francés Barberena

Music Alessandro Cendamo, Giorgio De Toma

Cast Manuel Arias García, Fermín Fernández, Cuquita Chacón

Production CSPC, Filmar lo Inefable

Distribution CSPC Europa onlus

Info e contacts

Simone Siragusano: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scheduled: Friday, July 5 at 21.30 at the Terrace of the Convent


Language: Spanish Subtitles: Italian


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    Via Luigi Mazzella 51, Ischia, 80077 (NA)
    Tel. 081 18166810