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Pasta amara

Bitter Paste, Italy, 2015


The portrait of the last strolling chocolate manufacturer in Europe, Don Luigi Baglieri, that carries out an ancient tradition his father taught him, a tradition that started a hundred of years ago in Modica, Sicily.

Movie card

Direction Ivano Fachin

Cinematography Lorenzo Sammito – Ivano Fachin

Editing Ivano Fachin

Audio Alberto Migliore

Cast Don Luigi Balgieri

Production Saoussen M'Saddak

Mix Audio Flavia Ripa

Location Modica (RG) Sicily

Language Italiano, Siciliano

Subtitle Italiano

Info e contacts

Contact Contact:

Ivano Fachin - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Date of screening: Sunday, June 28th at 9.00 pm in Piazzale delle Armi


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