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Mary Mother

Afghanistan, 2016


In a remote village of Afghanistan, one day Mary hears on the radio the news of the fall of Kunduz province into the hands of Talibans. Since the authorities have no news of her son, who serves in the Kunduz army, she decides to start her own journey to Kunduz in order to find him.

Movie card

Direction Sadam Wahidi
Screenplay Sadam Wahidi
Cinematography Said Ahmad Waqef Hussaini
Editing Sadam Wahidi
Art Direction Ahmad Sameer Wahidi
Cast Zubaida Sahar
Production Rami Films Production
Distribution Zen Movie
Location Kabul

Scheduled on June 28th 2017 at 9.10 pm at Casa del sole

The distributor of the film Giulio Mastromauro will be present



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