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La transumanza in Basilicata: una storia vera



Mario, Giovanni, Francesco, Gaetano and Antonio are five breeders that for years moving their herds from the valleys to the mountains of Basilicata; a traveling parade who winds through the “tratturi regi”, ancient droveways where the relationship between man and nature is still untouched. An opportunity to learn about and appreciate an area often forgotten, full of surprises and breathtaking scenery.

Movie card

Direction Mario Raele

Screenplay Mario Raele

Cinematography Mario Raele e Eustacchio Pisciotta

Editing Mario Raele e Vito Cea

Cast attori non professionisti

Production RVM Broadcast S.R.L.

Location Basilicata

Language Italiano

Subtitles Nessuno

In programming:

Friday, July 1 at 11.25 pm at the Cathedral of the Assumption (Aragonese Castle)



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    Tel. 081 18166810