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L'altro Adamo



In an imaginary city, in the near future, we meet ADAMO K, a 40 year old man with a dignified bearing, dressed with common clothes. We meet him when the day ends, when buildings of various heights and patterns regurgitate on the street floods of employees, technicians, fools…humanity. Humanity that doesn’t exchange looks, greetings, smiles.
A humanity that is suspicious of others and moves counting the hours that separates them from the usual meetings with the car, the underground, the motorcycle, the supermarket, tv shows, tranquilizers, couples’ masturbation, adoptive children, the computer.

Movie card

Direction Pasquale Squitieri

Screenplay Pasquale Squitieri e Italo Moscati

Cinematography Daniele Baldacci

Editing Daniele Baldacci

Art Direction Massimo Galluzzi

Music Manuel De Sica

Cast Lino Capolicchio, Marianna Jensen, Ottavia Fusco

Production Elide Melli per COSMO PRODUCTION EU

Distribution Meditteranea Production srl

Location Castelnuovo di porto e Roma

Language Italiano

Subtitles No subtitles

Info e contacts

Cosmo Production EU - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Date of screening: Friday 3rd July at 10.30pm at the Casa del Sole

Ischia Film Festival 2020: diamo qualche numero


800 spettatori dal vivo per 17 guest, 40mila sul web: i numeri della versione ibrida confermano il successo. Il direttore Messina: “Evento apripista per il post lockdown”

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