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Dil Leyla

Germany, 2016


At 26 years old, Leyla is elected the youngest mayor in her hometown of Cizre, a Kurdish capital city near the Iraqi-Syrian border a city she was forced to flee over 20 years ago, after her father was killed by the Turkish military when she was a child. Her goal as a mayor is to heal and beautify the civil-wartorn city, which is enjoying a break from violence. But on the eve of Turkey’s parliamentary elections, everything changes and old memories become more real than ever.

Movie card

Direction Asli Özarslan
Screenplay Asli Özarslan
Editing Ana Branea
Art Direction Carina Neubohn
Cast Leyla Imret
Production Igor Dovgal, Sabrina Proske
Distribution Filmdelights Austria All Rights
Location Turchia/Cizre, Germania/Bremen

Scheduled on 26 June 2017 at 21:00 at Terrazza degli Ulivi.


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